Elekta Studio Launch

November 20, 2020 - by - in Allgemein

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We are celebrating the launch of Elekta Studio this week!
“On behalf of all at medPhoton, we are delighted about this cooperation with Elekta.” says Heinz Deutschmann, CEO. “A large number of our employees have a longstanding background in Radiation Oncology, where for many years we have developed technologies for adaptive image guided solutions for treatments with linear accelerators (photons) & synchrotrons (particles) in clinical settings. It is with great pleasure and enthusiam that we are now closing the loop – the mobile ring has been developed generically for the wider field of interventional radiology with specialized applications for navigated surgery, and will now also be used in robotically assisted, image guided Brachytherapy. I sincerely hope that we can help doctors and patients to achieve optimal outcomes in their therapy.”
Please see the full video below!

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